Buying Tips

For people buying a franchise the hard part is to know which franchise is worth investing in.

There are over 1000 franchised systems and just because one works in Sydney does not mean it is going to work in Perth.

  • What questions should you ask?
  • What information should you seek?
  • What does the law say that you must be shown?
  • How else do you research a Franchise opportunity?

In our fact sheet called "Investigating a Franchise - How To Find The Real Truth", we provide an indepth guide for investigating a franchise and give you the inside advantage that professional business buyers have. Before buying a franchise you should read this fact sheet. It will show you:

  • How to investigate the franchisor's financial stability.
  • How to investigate the franchisee's profitability.
  • How to uncover the non-financial & other facts that will have a crucial bearing on your decision.

The factsheet also covers the following tips for safe Franchise buying:

1. Hire professional advisers with a background in franchising.

2. Show the franchisor you're a serious buyer

3. Talk to as many of franchisees within the system as possible

4. Look for franchisors that are happy to disclose what you want to know

5. Look for a franchise that is hard to get into

6. Don’t spend your last dollar in buying the business

7. Make sure the franchisor can afford future growth plans

8. Buy a business that you will be able to sell for good money in the future

9. Be honest about why you want to buy a business

10. Listen to advisors, but make you own decision whether to buy

BuyAFranchise has created a comprehensive factsheet on how to choose the right franchise and is now available to you.



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